Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this an apostate website?

Frankly speaking – by Watchtower’s definition – an emphatic yes.

What is your general position on Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Our overarching view is that the general Witnesses population consists of decent, well-intentioned and law-abiding citizens. We don’t hate Jehovah’s Witnesses; we just passionately disagree with a number of their beliefs and practices. Specifically, our issues are directed, not at the rank-and-file, but at the members of the Governing Body; and rightly so, we think, because they are the real decision makers, they are the real ‘innovators’, while the rest of the Witness community simply maintains a position of submission because of the confidence they entrust on them. (It is also accepted – and we think, fair to say – that some Witnesses disagree with the Governing Body but are not at liberty to express that, for fear of reprisal). It makes for a combustible situation.

We respectfully submit that at the core of the JW problem is that they genuinely believe that they are in the truth. It’s challenging to assist someone who is confident that they are right; and it is that type of confidence that enables an otherwise rational person to do things they would ordinarily not – and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Here at Thinking Witnesses, we don’t claim exclusive propriety to the truth – we are cognizant of our fallibility, thus, we are open to correction. We adopt the Japanese proverb: ‘The mind is like an umbrella, it usually works best when it’s opened.’

The only way to be certain of anything is to ‘make sure of all things.’ Take nothing for granted, no matter where it comes from.

‘Knowledge is preferable to ignorance.’

Do you consider yourselves Christian? You maintain belief in God?

We’re not atheist. We believe that extraordinary claims should be supplemented with extraordinary evidence.

Do you accept speaking engagements?

That is not our key focus… but, we may be open to the idea. Depends.

Do you have authorisation to upload some of the copyrighted documents on this site?

Please consult our fair use page for more information.

Any other websites you could recommend?

Certainly! The following people’s websites have been praised by many, and they have my endorsement: 1) Paul Grundy, 2) Lloyd Evans, and 3) Barbara Anderson.

Any one book you’d recommend?

Certainly! Crisis of Conscience by ex-Governing Body member, Raymond Franz.

Crisis of Conscience - Raymond Franz

How can I discreetly supply you with information?

You may use the general contact form. As far as discretion is concerned, consult our privacy policy page.

Put succinctly, Thinking Witnesses takes our visitors’ privacy seriously. To that end, your private information will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Do you accept articles for publication on your website?

If you think yourself a good writer, we’ll gladly publish your story (preferably less than a 1000 words).

Do you accept donations?

The only ‘donation’ we seek is your time and audience.