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Quora: What Is It Like Being a Door-to-Door Proselytizer

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What Is It Like Being a Door-to-Door Proselytizer? Quora I discovered Quora a few years back, an online platform where questions can be asked, and where anyone with the know-how is able to tender an informed answer. It’s…

Guardians of Our Doctrine

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(Warning: The following article is written purely for humour… so… don’t sue me… pretty please) During his video testimony at the Australian Royal Commission (ARC), August 15, 2015, Governing Body (GB) member, Geoffrey Jackson, 60, made some rather…

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

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In 1934, The Golden Age journal (predecessor of the current Awake! journal), in one article headed ‘Free Radio Essential to People’s Liberties,’ the organisation laments and castigates the officious interference of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in its…