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Two Years Out The Tower


TWO YEARS OUT THE TOWER I did not leave Jehovah’s Witnesses for any one reason. Oh no! I’m not impulsive like that. It was the sheer net-effect of ‘JWism’ that finally took its toll on me. I’d spent…

One Year Out of Watchtower


ONE YEAR OUT OF WATCHTOWER Today is approximately one year since the ‘death’ of our favourite son. Oye oye oye. Last year on this day (September 20, 2015) was a seminal moment for me; this was the day…

To Whom Shall We Go Away To?


To Whom Shall We Go Away To? In his Branch Visit to Central America (March 2015) Governing Body Helper,[1] Robert Luccioni, under his checklist to the question ‘Are We Keeping in Step with Jehovah’s Organisation?’ makes the following…